6 Week Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 
at Geekdom in the Heart of
Downtown San Antonio.

Plan.  Build.  Execute.

Class I.  February 4th - March 14th 2019
Class II.  May 6th - June 13th 2019
Class III.  August 5th - Sept 12th 2019

Each Week is Monday through Thursday 6pm-8pm

$299: Members of Geekdom*
$499: Non-Members of Geekdom

*Geekdom Military & Veteran Members Receive Additional Discount

"The 5 Questions"

The District is a hands-on experiential learning entrepreneurship course where proven business methods are learned and put into practice individually and within teams to understand the fundamentals and details of starting a company from an idea to a customer product in 6-Weeks. The course encompasses 5 overarching questions.

  1. What Problem Are You Solving? - Bring your ideas. You will first work on them individually, then form teams around an idea to deliver a Customer Pitch in front of an audience. All business ideas are welcome, from ice cream shops to software apps!
  2. Who Is Your Customer? - Unlike the current trend in the startup world to immediately pitch an idea to investors, we deemphasize the notion of raising money first in order to focus on finding paying customers first. Customers are your Investors.
  3. How Are You Going To Sell It? - Customer research and validation is key to determining how you will make money. The value is in understanding who they really are and how you are going to help them. Be one with the Customer
  4. How Are You Going To Market It? - Once you identify your potential customers, we will build a custom strategy to tell your story and market to them in a way that fits both your customer and business. Don’t try to do Everything. Lasers not Shotguns.
  5. What Is Your Noble Cause? - Why You? and Why Does it Matter? We’ll learn about the importance of finding the thing that makes you excited to bounce out of bed every morning and that you just can't stop thinking about when you go to sleep. That is where the magic lives.

The District is brought to you in collaboration with: 

Geekdom & Trinity Entrepreneurship 

Some of what you will learn & practice in 4 Evenings a Week for 6 Weeks.

Ideation, Teams & Collaboration, Lean Canvas, Customer Value Propositions, Customer Interviews, Proof of Concepts, Minimum Viable Products & Prototypes, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition Cost, Total Addressable Markets, Investor & Customer Pitches, and a whole lot more while you build a company from scratch.

Rockstar Expert Speakers & Mentors

Speaker nights on Legal Formations and Agreements, Targeted Marketing & Branding, Sales & Channels, Company Valuations & Equity, Finance & Investment, User & Customer Experience ...and more. Select Mentors will also be giving team feedback throughout your 6-weeks and one on one mentorship will also be available.

Your Mentor & Instructor

Nick Longo

A serial entrepreneur, Nick is Geekdom’s Co-Founder and original Mentor-in-Chief. As the Founder of CoffeeCup Software in 1996 from his real Coffeehouse Nick created one of the first HTML Editors in the world so people could create their own Websites. Over 10 years Nick grew CoffeeCup from an idea into a multi-million dollar company with over 20 other Web Design software programs and over 50+ million downloads worldwide before selling the company. He’s helped Rackspace as Director of Strategic Initiatives and has provided marketing and entrepreneurial support to Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi & San Antonio. This Rainmaker and Ideologist has mentored 100's of entrepreneurs in his 20+ year career in business and tech and tries to live his Noble Cause every day.  >> More info about Nick


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